5 Things You Should Do After Dialing 911

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After being in an auto accident, your first thought may be to call 911 to get help. But as you’re waiting for the authorities to arrive, what should you do?

  1. Trade Auto Insurance Information
    Always to trade auto insurance data. Your insurance agency and the other driver's insurance agency need to contact each other data to decide who pays for the auto accident.
  2. Take Photos and Gather Witnesses
    It's always a smart idea to take photographs of the auto accident scene, including photos of your car and the other car, the street view, any signage and license plates. This can be particularly useful in the event that you know you weren't to blame and need proof.
  3. Get a Police Report
    Filing a police report immediately is ideal, yet you might have the ability to document a report later on the off chance that you didn't contact 911 promptly after the auto accident. While the law varies from state to state, many police offices enable reports to be documented up to 72 hours following a auto accident. However, in the event that the two cars have left the scene, the data won't be as exact.
  4. Call Your Insurance Company to Report the Accident
    On your car insurance card, it should have a number for member services or a number to report an accident. Giving your insurance company a heads-up of the situation will allow them to start the claim process for you more quickly.
  5. See a Chiropractor for Injuries
    Immediately seeing a chiropractor for injuries will help you repair any damage to your joints and muscles while increasing your chances of getting your medical treatment covered by insurance.
    Compared to a primary MD, in in-network chiropractor is not only qualified to help relieve your pain, but can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

If you have been in an auto accident, make an appointment with Dr. Gotro to get natural, drug-free treatment.

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