All-Natural Reliefs for Headaches

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If you’re suffering from migraines or chronic headaches, chiropractors are here to help you by correcting subluxations in your spine. However, there are reliefs for you that can help you address the problems you might have before visiting a chiropractor. Here are some all-natural headache remedies that will be sure to aid you:

  1. Heat and cold are no-risk therapies that anyone would be able to do. A common cause of headaches is neck tightness, so applying a small amount of heat to the back of the neck can help reduce the tightness. Ice can help fight the inflammation and relieve throbbing for those who are pulsing a headache.
  2. Chamomile Tea is a common mild sedative and great headache pain reliever This tea helps relax muscles and depresses the nervous system to provide an effect that is calming. This tea however can cause drowsiness, which is why it is a common tea that people drink before bed.
  3. Water is probably the most important treatment in this list. One of the first signs of dehydration (which affects 75 percent of americans) is a headache. Keeping a bottle of water around with you all day and help you stay motivated in drinking the correct amount of water you need. Another way to get an intake of water is to eat water-rich foods like celery or watermelon. It’s also a great idea to replace soda and juices in your meals with just water whenever you are experiencing a headache.
  4. Peppermint oil can help reduce pain, relieve tension, and even improve blood circulation. It’s becoming a common thing for people to have essential oils with them, and they use it on them whenever they feel the need to. One of the needs is when you might be it is when you are experiencing a headache. When you are, all you have to do is take 2-3 drops of peppermint oil and apply it to the shoulders, back of the neck, temples, or forehead. Peppermint oil has a long-lasting cooling effect that will encourage your muscles to contract and even stimulate the flow of blood.
  5. Black Coffee is a quick way to constrict the blood vessels in your head to relieve pain. It’s recommended to just take a cup of it. However, it is important to remember that this technique should not be used often, but rather an occasional trick. Drinking too much black coffee can create a dependency on caffeine, which will make headaches and more frequent.
  6. Massages can help improve the flow of blood and reduce the tensions in headaches. Massages especially on the neck or temples and a gentle pressure is very effective for headache pains. A simple and regular 30 minute massage can help the symptoms that might occur in headaches.

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