BioFrequency Scanner History

The science and history of this technology goes back to the early 1920's when Royal Rife began to research microbiology and energy medicine with newly developed microscopes. His genius and stunning accomplishments were announced nationwide. It continued to grow in other countries where resistance was much less.

This full body scan is classified as a biofeedback device using electromagnetic vibrations of low frequency to transmit data. Accuracy can be up to 95%, which is unlike any similar technology with accuracy at only 50% or less. The core and cause of body disturbances can be discovered prior to the manifestation of chronic symptoms and disease.

The information gathered by this technology is read at the speed of light and is unmatched by more common methods such as Ultrasound, MRI, X-Ray and Tomography. There is No Radiation involved. Then after a complete analysis, options are given for changes. It is now possible to detect, correct and reverse frequencies within the body if necessary. The imbalance can be caused from biochemical, bacteria, virus, parasite or any of numerous causes and we find satisfactory results and options for any of those interferences. Our meta-therapy results have proven the quickest for best results.

NASA confirms that our body responds to certain frequencies.

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