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5 Vital Things You Should Know About Stretching - Stretching is important to keep joints and muscles healthy. When you visit a chiropractor, he or she may give you stretching tips specific to any problems you may be having. Here are some things you may not know about stretching: There are two main types of stretching. Although it’s important to stretch, the type of… ...Read More
5 Simple Ways to Minimize Your Stress - Recent studies suggest that the life expectancy of the average American is declining due to an unusual uptick in stress. So, here are a few things you can do to help keep your mind off of stressful situations. Exercise Focusing on exercise can not only help you reroute that stressful energy, but studies suggest that… ...Read More
Five Things You Need To Know About Yoga! - Are you thinking about getting into some springtime yoga? Here are a few things you should know about this popular pastime. Yoga Is For Everyone: Yes, yoga is traditionally enjoyed by women, but it is a favorite pastime for both women and men. In fact, it wasn’t until recent history that yoga became a pastime… ...Read More
How Can Obesity Affect Your Joint Health? - It’s no surprise that obesity can lead to a number of health concerns like diabetes and heart disease, but did you know that obesity can also contribute to poor joint health? According to the Center for Disease Control, those who are classified as overweight or obese have an increased chance of developing different forms of… ...Read More
5 things you didn’t know about posture - Your posture affects more aspects of your life than you may think. When you were young your parents probably told you to sit up straight--that gem of wisdom could help you live a healthy, happier life in more ways than one.Slouching affects your mood.While it’s true that you’re slouching because you’re sad, it’s also true… ...Read More
4 Ways Chiropractic Can Keep You Healthier in Your Golden Years - With a quickly aging generation, longer life expectancies, and rising healthcare costs, preventative care is becoming more important than ever. Chiropractic care in particular is a well-known alternative practice that helps with the aging process. Here are 4 ways your chiropractor can help you in your golden years: Therapeutic exercises: Chiropractors can give demonstrations on… ...Read More
5 Well Known Benefits of Chiropractic Care - Chiropractic care can be used to than more than back and neckaches. Natural manipulation of nerves by a trained professional helps the body promote self-healing. Check out these 5 well known benefits of chiropractic care. Headaches (tension and Migraine) Headaches — both anxiety headaches and migraine headaches — are one of the more situations frequently… ...Read More
How To Get Certified Pure Water For Less - If you turn on your tap water, the water may seem clear. If you live within the city limits your water is most likely purified by a water treatment system. So you may not think you and your family would need to use extra water filtration processes. The Sad Truth About Water in AmericaUnfortunately, that is… ...Read More
Q&A: How Much Does Chiropractic Treatment Cost? - When you need chiropractic care, you may wonder how much services cost before you decide to make an appointment. The good news is, that depending on the treatment, a visit to the chiropractor can be quite affordable.Normal TreatmentsIn general, chiropractic services range from approximately $30 to $200 per consultation. Of course, every kind of treatment… ...Read More
4 Common Medical Conditions Your Chiropractor Can Help You With - You shouldn’t have to deal with uncomfortable living. That’s why we at Charlotte Wellness Center use Chiropractic adjustments and treatments to help our patients find relief from pain: Tension headaches Chiropractic adjustment for your neck can also help if you have anxiety headaches. These are a common kind of headache that causes ache in the… ...Read More
3 reasons why chiropractic adjustments are necessary for optimal health - Regular chiropractic adjustments can help you achieve optimal health in a safe, natural, and drug –free environment. Here are 3 ways that chiropractic adjustments can help you stay healthy. Chiropractors deal with the cause, not the symptom When many people are suffering from chronic pain, they take pain medications to offer some relief. This, but,… ...Read More
How seeing a chiropractor can help you legally in case of an accident - When you have been in an accident, seeing a chiropractor may be the last thing on your mind. However, seeing a chiropractor can actually help you chances of getting a favorable outcome in working with you and the other party’s insurance companies. Here’s how:Chiropractors are skilled in working with insurance corporationsBeing injured is in no… ...Read More
3 Tips for Finding a Reputable Chiropractor - Neck pain may not sound critical, however while you are dealing with it, you understand how uncomfortable it can be. Those who are afflicted by arthritis sometimes have neck ache, and it’s frequently due to sitting or snoozing in an awkward position. Neck pain can be extreme, especially if it’s not treated, so that you… ...Read More
3 Ways a Chiropractor Can Help With Arthritis Pain - Arthritis is a pain associated continual condition that is often due to a build up of inflammation at some point of the joints and soft tissues of the body. This inflammation can be very painful and may purpose a number of stiffness inside the joints as well, which makes even the most basic of actions… ...Read More
Why Should I See a Chiropractor After An Auto Accident? - Seeing a chiropractor after a vehicle accident has greater benefits than you may realize.When you’re involved in an automobile accident, you have a lot to worry about. The automobile. The opposite person’s car. Changing coverage. Calling the police. Filing a claim. Wondering if you dealt with the situation correctly…To start with, you might feel okay… ...Read More
What’s in Charlotte’s water? A look at health effects. - What's really in the Queen City's water? We all want to believe that it is sufficiently filtered, but is it really? According to, Charlotte and Charlotte’s suburbs water contains 8 chemical contaminants at levels above the EPA’s health guidelines. These include chloroform, bromoform, trichloroacetic acid, and chromium. These chemicals may increase the risk of… ...Read More
Whiplash Explained and the Symptoms After You Experience a Car Accident - Whiplash is the common term for “cervical acceleration-deceleration injury.” This refers to damage done to the muscles, ligaments, tendons, discs, nerves, and vertebrae of the neck as the result of sudden hyperextension and hyperflexion of the neck.Whiplash is a very common condition and it is often associated with car accidents. However, whiplash can be caused… ...Read More
Good Ways to Fix Bad Posture - Routine chiropractic care can not only help you correct your posture, but it can also help you maintain it throughout your lifetime. Regular chiropractic adjustments and some advice from your chiropractor can help make all the difference! Here are some helpful tips that may help you out:Sitting posture:-Keep both feet on the floor. If your… ...Read More
Posture Tips for Desk Job Workers - Did you know office work is a profession that many people don’t think is related to health?Just because it’s low impact, doesn’t mean that there are not risks to sitting at your desk all day. Sitting for long periods of time can be hazardous to health; it can weaken your muscles, tighten joints, cause lower… ...Read More
Running for Beginners: Getting Started - Wanting to start back that New Year's resolution you always had of running?It's best to not start off actually hitting the ground running. Everyone has to start somewhere, and a good lifestyle change is all about creating a healthy and gradual journey. A little preparation can go a long way and can help set you… ...Read More
4 Ways a Chiropractor Can Help After an Auto Accident - You have just been in a car accident. Why should seeing a chiropractor be one of your first stops?Injuries may not be apparentClearly broken bones, cuts, or bruising will be simple wounds to spot after an auto accident. Nonetheless, there are different wounds, for example, Whiplash that are not easily seen immediately after an auto… ...Read More
whiplash 3 Signs You Have Whiplash After an Auto Accident - If you have just been in an auto accident, and you may feel stressed and confused about insurance coverage, replacing a damaged car, and settling with other parties. The last thing you may be thinking about is your own wellness, especially as you return to your daily life. Ignoring your health after a car accident… ...Read More
How to Overcome the Fear of Driving After an Accident - After being in any car accident, getting behind the wheel again can be unnerving. Luckily, overcoming the fear of driving after a car accident is not impossible. Here are a few tips to help you get used to driving again. Discover ways to unwind: Relaxation strategies like meditation or deep breathing might be useful in the… ...Read More
auto accident 5 Things You Should Do After Dialing 911 - After being in an auto accident, your first thought may be to call 911 to get help. But as you’re waiting for the authorities to arrive, what should you do?Trade Auto Insurance Information Always to trade auto insurance data. Your insurance agency and the other driver's insurance agency need to contact each other data to… ...Read More
Debunking 3 Chiropractor Myths - You might be telling someone about your experience at a chiropractor - how it helped you and how much you enjoyed it - however they’re just not be getting it. It is frustrating, and it does often happen that people have false beliefs about chiropractors. It is important to debunk the myths around chiropractor to… ...Read More
All-Natural Reliefs for Headaches - If you’re suffering from migraines or chronic headaches, chiropractors are here to help you by correcting subluxations in your spine. However, there are reliefs for you that can help you address the problems you might have before visiting a chiropractor. Here are some all-natural headache remedies that will be sure to aid you:Heat and cold… ...Read More
The Importance of Good Posture - A problem that many chiropractors see in today’s society is the bad habit of sitting the wrong way for many hours that causes damage to our spine and posture. It’s very common for one to spend hours sitting while being distracted by a phone, laptop, etc., and not many people take the time each day… ...Read More
Five Surprising Conditions Chiropractors Can Treat - Chiropractors are qualified help in more ways than you may know.A common misconception is that chiropractors are only useful for those who are seeking treatment because of pains such as aches or stiffness in their back or neck, car or sports accidents, or even slipped discs. Chiropractors treat much more than those listed, here’s a… ...Read More
5 Surefire Ways to Improve Your Nutrition - Do you want to feel more energy and vigor? One way to fight with your lethargy and illness is by improving your nutrition. Proper nutrition is simply giving your body the proper fuel it needs to function correctly. When we give our body the wrong fuel, you will notice it staring to malfunction!Here are a… ...Read More
Maximize Your Energy Using Custom Nutrition - Ever feel weak, lethargic, or tired before your day is over and don't know why? It may be time to revisit your diet choices. It is possible that the nutrients that you are eating aren't fueling your body properly, and you may need to supplement your intake for optimal health.Here are some pointers on keeping… ...Read More
arthritis Using Chiropractic for Arthritis Relief - Many people suffer from arthritis pain. Common signs of arthritis are joint tenderness, stiffness, and creaking sounds, locking of the joint and swelling as a result of irritation. Chiropractic is the most well known and acceptable treatment plans undertaken for arthritis ache relief. Chiropractic care helps to relieve the ache of arthritis and helps restore… ...Read More
New to Chiropractic? A Beginner’s Guide to Care - Chiropractic is using spinal manipulation as a form of holistic healing and infection prevention. Formally established by Daniel David Palmer in 1895. Over the following century, the recognition of chiropractic techniques ascended and advanced a name for effectiveness, even in the traditional scientific network.Today's chiropractic science involves highly trained health care providers known as chiropractors,… ...Read More
Suffering from Vertigo or Dizziness? Try Chiropractic Care - Vertigo is a condition characterized by feelings of dizziness or a feeling of spinning. Because of the sensation of movement or rotation, many sufferers also feel nausea and might feel lightheadedness and balance troubles. Chiropractic TreatmentVertigo is a common symptom of head and neck trauma. Long-term vertigo sufferers have discovered to that they can find… ...Read More
How to Prepare for your Chiropractic Appointment How to Prepare for your Chiropractic Appointment - Are you turning to a chiropractor to treat recurring pain and discomfort or would you just like to lead a healthy and natural life? If so, what do you need to do to prepare for your first appointment?Make it. You should call as soon as you start experiencing pan. Some chiropractors, especially those with limited… ...Read More
occasions when you should visit a chiropractor 9 Occasions when you should visit a Chiropractor - You may have heard that chiropractic care has many benefits. These benefits include natural relief of pain, discomfort, and difficulty walking. You receive pain relief, but it isn’t like with over-the-counter medications. Relief is a combination of instant and long-lasting.When should you visit a chiropractor?1. After a car accident. Many car accident victims suffer from… ...Read More
What if you don’t like your chiropractor? - Chiropractic care has many benefits. A chiropractor can do more than just alleviate the pain and discomfort of a joint or muscle. Chiropractic care can treat and manage allergies, arthritis, sleep difficulties, earaches, scoliosis, and more. Essentially, if anything is causing you pain or stress, chiropractic care can help. For that reason, you may be… ...Read More
Back Pain? Think of Chiropractic Care First - At one point in time, we all experience back pain. For some, it was just exercising too hard or improperly lifting a box. These types of back pains are usually minor and the pain will subside with time and self-care. There are however, instances in which back pain is more serious and when medical care… ...Read More
Chiropractic Care vs Pain Medication Chiropractic Care vs Pain Medication - Do you suffer from mild to severe to unbearable pain? Regardless of its cause, you may turn to pain relievers. These are available over-the-counter and by prescription. Did you know they are not your only alternative? In fact, they are one of the worst. A better option is to seek chiropractic care.As nice as it… ...Read More
car accident 5 Reasons to Visit a Chiropractor After a Car Accident - Were you in a car accident? You feel fine, but are you? You may not know. That is why you should see a chiropractor. Below are more reasons that seeing a chiropractor may be the best decision.1 – You May Have an Injury and Not Know ItMost individuals mistakenly believe that they will be in… ...Read More
7 Tips for Fighting Your Sugar Addiction - Gotro Health and WellnessThankfully, you don’t need to work that hard to break a sugar addiction. It’s most difficult if you shoot for zero sugar. That would not be healthy. Instead, first just shoot for a reduction, and then cut it back more and more through solid food choices. 
Avoid Processed Food – The biggest… ...Read More
9 Ways to Tell if You Are Addicted to Sugar - Gotro Health and WellnessAs discussed in the previous blog, 90 grams of sugar is the recommended maximum amount of daily sugar for a healthy individual. Note that the 90 grams of sugar you can consume per day has nothing to do with how many carbohydrates you eat each day. This is a separate number that… ...Read More
How Much Sugar Is Too Much How Much Sugar Is Too Much? - Gotro Health and WellnessIt’s no secret that governments all over the world are starting to crack down on sugar. They are passing taxes on sugary drinks and snacks, banning them from schools, and more treatment programs are becoming open to people who believe they are addicted to sugar. But what is the truth? Is sugar… ...Read More
Chiropractic Care: Payment Options - Are you experiencing pain, discomfort, or decreased mobility? Whatever the cause or if you are unsure, you should seek chiropractic care. This care is 100% natural and has many benefits. What are they?Chiropractic care is natural. It involves manual therapy, also known as hand therapy. A chiropractor may use an MRI or x-rays to diagnose… ...Read More
chiropractic treatments while pregnant Chiropractors and Pregnant Women - Patients may wonder if chiropractic care can be administered when a woman is pregnant.The improved functioning of the body is advantageous for anyone. Because chiropractic care is individualized, the proper adjustments and amount of pressure are evaluated on a patient to patient basis and are therefore adjusted to any special needs of a patient, including… ...Read More
Can Children Get Chiropractic Treatment? - Can children benefit from chiropractic care? The answer is an emphatic yes! Any individual who can benefit from proper alignment of the spine can benefit from some degree of chiropractic care.Children may be subject to the same precipitating factors than can bring adults in for treatment. They may experience the same injuries or other causes… ...Read More
Why Charlotte Wellness Center Why Charlotte Wellness Center? - Charlotte Wellness Center is equipped to treat common conditions to help your body heal itself.Dr. Brian Gotro of Charlotte Wellness Center is knowledgeable and personable to all of his patients. He strongly believes that a pill may make you feel better, but it may not fix the underlying issue. It is only by rectifying the… ...Read More
Is Chiropractic Safe and Natural? - The chiropractic approach to health care is absolutely safe and all natural. It does not try to stimulate, inhibit, or mimic normal body function. Instead, the chiropractor Checks the alignment of the body’s nerve routes. Realignment of the spinal cord, in particular, could serve to ameliorate or to reverse any conditions caused by this misalignment.… ...Read More
chiropractic adjustment What Is A Chiropractic Adjustment? - Vertebrae (the bones in your back) fit together so that mental impulses (nerve supply) produced in your brain may filter down your spinal cord and out over your nerves. The spinal cord is the route that takes the brain’s messages take to make their way to various parts of the body so that they can… ...Read More
Americans are Dehydrated Americans are Dehydrated: How much water do you really need? - Americans drink over 9 billion gallons of bottled water each year, up from 5 billion in 2001. However, most Americans still believe that they go through life chronically dehydrated. At least, that is what we have been led to believe by certain experts and bottled water companies who have suggested that everyone drink eight glasses of water… ...Read More
carpet chemicals Children, Chemicals and Carpets - There are few surfaces that babies and toddlers touch more often than carpets. After all, they are a warm, soft surface for children to crawl on and provide some cushioning for when they inevitably fall over before learning to walk. However, that same carpeting may be causing more harm than it seems. Young children crawling… ...Read More
REM sleep What is REM Sleep and is it Important? - Our sleep cycle is separated into two main components: rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-REM sleep (NREM). We cycle between the two all night, with four stages of NREM sleep preceding one stage of REM sleep. NREM sleep is the stage at which our body repairs itself, energy is replenished and our immune system… ...Read More
Will Heavy Weight Training Make You Unflexible? - One of the most common myths about heavy weight training is that it will make you less flexible. Many of us have an image in our mind of a typical bulked up bodybuilder who can barely manage to turn his head to the left or right. However, if weight training is performed correctly, incorporating a… ...Read More
Spinal Health: Form Matters at the Gym - Whether you are an athlete training for competition or someone who visits the gym regularly just to keep fit, protecting your back and spine from injuries during workouts is important. A large-scale University of Arkansas study found that after injuries to the hand, injuries to areas ranging from the neck to the lower back were… ...Read More

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