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I was experiencing pain on

I was experiencing pain on the right side of my neck and back of my head which made it almost impossible to turn my head to the right or left. It cause me to have really bad headaches with what felt like pressure behind my eyes and numbness on the right side of my face around my right eye and numbness around my left ear. I also had back pain on the upper right side that extended to the right front side of my rib cage. This frightened me because I’ve never had headaches that lasted this long and had no idea why i was having back and side pain so I went to the emergency room because it felt like i was having a stroke. I saw the doctor there and I was given anti inflammatory and pain pills. I also went to my family doctor for the back and side pain. A month later, I was still having terrible headaches and pain when moving head and turning my head to the left when the medicine wore off. After an Endoscopy and scan for gallbladder, i found out that everything was normal. To make a long story short. I spent thousands of dollars between going to the emergency room and going to the doctors having expensive test done to fine out that nothing that was wrong. I called Dr. Brain Gotro and explained my pains and he asked me to come see him. After my visit with him, immediately all the pain and headache was gone. It was unbelievable. I want everyone to know that Dr Brain Gotro is the best! He knew just from where the pain was exactly what was going on and did adjustments that took care of all the pain and suffering I had been experiencing for a over a month. Thank you! Dr. Brain Gotro!

Gwen Oxner
June 1, 2018

Dr. Gotro is very knowledgeable

Dr. Gotro is very knowledgeable about the Chiropractic field. He is trustworthy and does everything he can to bring pain relief to his patients.

Tara Phillips
March 6, 2018

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