How To Get Certified Pure Water For Less

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If you turn on your tap water, the water may seem clear. If you live within the city limits your water is most likely purified by a water treatment system. So you may not think you and your family would need to use extra water filtration processes.


The Sad Truth About Water in America

Unfortunately, that is not the case. It is becoming even more necessary to use additional purification for your tap water. While tap water is meant to be safe to drink, studies have found contaminants such as copper, nickel, chlorine, or even lead in water tested in various parts of the US.


An Economical Solution

Water purification systems can get rid of those undesirable contaminants from the water that enters your home at the same time while leaving good minerals behind. This can assist to make sure that you and your family has access to safe, smooth drinking water.

Using a water purification device is more Eco- friendly than using filtered bottled water. Creating bottles for bottled water depletes our plastic resources and the used bottles often end up in landfills. Even if the plastic bottles are recycled, the plastic bottles take energy to reprocess. It is much better to use a household water purification device and reuse BPA – free water bottles.

The best option is to use a Berkey water purification system. Berkey water is certified to purify water and remove over 99% of harmful contaminants from your water. Not only that, but it is economical: each gallon of purified only costs an average of 2 cents per gallon.

So why wait? Take advantage of February’s offer: up to 31% off your Berkey water filtration system. Enjoy cleaner, healthier water and taste the difference of a Berkey.


The Berkey Water Purification System

Contact Dr. Gotro directly for any questions about the Berkey device, or to try out the water yourself, stop by the office!

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