Five Things You Need To Know About Yoga!

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Are you thinking about getting into some springtime yoga? Here are a few things you should know about this popular pastime.
Yoga Is For Everyone:
Yes, yoga is traditionally enjoyed by women, but it is a favorite pastime for both women and men. In fact, it wasn’t until recent history that yoga became a pastime for women at all. Indra Devi, also known as the First Lady of Yoga, became the first woman to practice yoga in the late 1930s.
You Do Not Have to be Flexible
You read that correctly. Although yoga poses are designed to help you build strength and balance—they are also designed to help build flexibility. In other words, flexibility is not a prerequisite for being a yogi but it is a byproduct.
Yoga, It’s More Than Stretches
Yoga is a philosophical discipline that focuses on the human condition. It is a discipline that focuses on the unity of one’s mind, body and spirit through meditation, breathing techniques, and techniques of self reflection.
Yoga Is Not a Religion
Even though some forms of yoga focus on this concept of spiritual ‘oneness’ it is not a religion, it is merely a discipline outlined by the idea of creating an even-minded individual. Chanting and mantra is not required when practicing yoga.
There are Many Types of Yoga
Much like yogis themselves, yoga comes in many different shapes and forms. Each form of yoga is aimed at a specific and separate goal. Here are a few styles of yoga to put things into perspective.
  • Hatha This style focuses on all of the physical forms of yoga. Hatha is the best style for beginners since it is typically taught at a slower pace.
  • Iyengar This style of yoga focuses on precise movements, alignment, and refined breath control. This style of yoga typically uses props to help students to perfect the various poses; this way, they minimize their risk of being injured.
  •  Kundalini This style of yoga focuses on both the spiritual and the physical. Kundalini is design around the concept of releasing divine energy that is said to be trapped at the base of your spine through meditation, mantra, and breathing. This style of yoga is typically taught at a more rapid pace than the abovementioned styles.
  • Prenatal Yoga This form of yoga is made for expectant mothers and is focuses on women in all trimesters. Due to the variety of pelvic floor work, breath control exercises, and bonding time with the unborn baby, many agree that this form of yoga is the most beneficial for mothers-to-be.
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