Pettibon Exercises

Pettibon system’s primary goal is to correct the spine’s alignment so it can function properly in an upright position.

The Pettibon Weighting System consists of specially designed head, shoulder and hip weights that patients wear for up to 20 minutes daily until the spine is corrected. The amount of weights and their placement depend upon the spinal displacement that needs to be corrected.

How does it work?

Wearing the Pettibon weights alters the head's, thoracic cage's and pelvis' centers of mass, causing the righting reflexes to send spine correcting sensory input to the nervous system. To balance the body to the weights, the nervous system's innate organizing energy causes some involved spinal muscles to relax and others to contract, thereby repositioning and correcting the spine and posture relative to gravity. Additionally, the weights make the involved muscles do isometric exercises, needed to restore their strength, endurance and balance.

The System's use of specially developed weights and exercises directly acknowledges that lasting spinal correction is related to the strengthening of targeted muscles. Practitioners and patients alike are actively involved in the rehabilitation process, both in the clinic and at home.

There are three phases to Pettibon care, the first two to be done with a professional chiropractor, and the final one which includes a practiced routine to keep your spine healthy and aligned.

We at Charlotte Wellness Center are proud Pettibon System Providers. Ask us today if the Pettibon System is right for you.

For more information on the Pettibon System of Alignment, click here.

Pettibon Videos

the video links below as a guide for your Pettibon Exercise.

6-Way Stretch Videos

    • 6 Way Stretch Intro


    • 6-Way Stretch 1


    • 6-Way Stretch 2


    • 6-Way Stretch 3


    • 6-Way Stretch 4


    • 6-Way Stretch 5


    • 6-Way Stretch 6


Cervical Traction Videos

    • Cervical Traction Setup


    • Cervical Traction Instructions


Wobble Chair Videos

    • Wobble Chair Intro


    • Wobble Chair 1


    • Wobble Chair 2


    • Wobble Chair 3


    • Wobble Chair 4


    • Wobble Chair 5


    • Wobble Chair 6


Thoracic Roll Videos

    • Thoracic Roll 1


Spinal Molding Video

    • Spinal Molding 1- Beginning
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