Posture Tips for Desk Job Workers

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Did you know office work is a profession that many people don’t think is related to health?

Just because it’s low impact, doesn’t mean that there are not risks to sitting at your desk all day. Sitting for long periods of time can be hazardous to health; it can weaken your muscles, tighten joints, cause lower back strain, and even increase the risk of disease (especially heart disease). To combat this, working out here & there isn’t enough, you have get moving throughout the day. Here are some tips on how you can make sure you’re not risking your health:

  1. Take a one to three minute break every half hour to walk or even stand.
  2. Always use the stairs! Start off by using the elevator less. You’ll gradually change and want to use the stairs all the time.
  3. Get a standing desk. This might be tough at first and intimidating, but the health benefits are great and you’ll be sure to inspire those around you. If you get a standing desk, you can always train yourself to stand for certain amounts of time to get used to it instead of switching from a sitting desk right away.
  4. If you don’t want a standing desk, make sure you have a desk that provides lumbar support and keeps your elbows, hips, and knees at 90 degrees angles. This means no more crossing your legs! A footstool is also recommended to take pressure off of your lower back and if your feet can’t reach the floor.
  5. Stay in balance. If you do carry a bag to work, always make sure you keep the weight to a minimum. Remember to always switch shoulders often when carrying your bag. An even better resolution is to get a rolling bag!

These tips should help you support your healthy lifestyle and not gain health risks by just being at work! Changing your office place habits will go a long way towards improving your health, but for many, it’s not enough. It’s time to see a chiropractor to help you with your issues!

If you start to feel back pain because of incorrect posture,  make an appointment with Dr. Gotro today for a free consultation.


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