Stages of Care

Our Physical Therapy Program is unique in its approach to the restoration of health. At Charlotte Wellness Center we have brought together the best chiropractic and spinal rehab techniques to provide the best recovery experience for our patients. Many Physical therapy centers focus on the rehabilitation of the muscles after an injury. Our approach recognizes that the muscles are the last group of tissues required to be rehabilitated. Our office is fortunate to have both chiropractors and physiologic therapeutics working together towards the same goal.

Step 1: Passive Care

This phase of care is all about reducing pain as quickly as possible. Our office uses cutting edge technology to get fast results. This may include the application of electrical stimulation; ultrasound, moist heat and ice as indicated to control, reduce and/or eliminate swelling/edema resulting from acute and/or chronic pain. Performance of manual therapy techniques i.e. myofascial release, trigger point work, contract/relax, and other soft tissue mobilization techniques designed to reduce the affects of muscle imbalances and flexoia distraction.

Step 2: Active Care Pt 1

Active care is where our clinic becomes extremely specialized. It is extremely important to rehabilitate soft tissues such as ligaments, tendons and muscles in the correct sequence. Failure of this order may cause increased pain, fail to yield results and in many cases prevent long term correction. Spinal injuries involve many factors such as misalignment, loss of flexibility and weakness. In phase one of active care our office utilizes a series of unique devices to increase ligament flexibility to structures that have become rigid, strengthen ligaments and tendons that have weakened. This phase usually occurs concurrently with chiropractic care to improve alignment. Activities include repetitive cervical traction exercises, six way stretch exercises, wobble chair exercises, vibration therapy and Postural weighting.

  • Repetitive Cervical traction benefits
  • Six Way Stretch Benefits
  • Wobble Chair benefits

Step 3: Active Care Pt 2

Usually this phase begins when flexibility, alignment and symptoms have all improved. This phase incorporates all of the above activities and begins the use of isometric exercises developed uniquely to address each patient’s needs based on x – rays results. The foundation strength of the spine originates from the tendons and ligaments. The most effective way to rehabilitate these tissues is through isometric exercise. Isometric exercise is a defined by contracting a muscle group without any movement of the body. Our office utilizes specific fulcrum exercises and a device called the link trainer.

  • Fulcrum Exercises
  • Link trainer
  • Vibration Therapy
  • Postural Weighting

Step 4: Maintenance and Support

Phase 4 usually begins once Dr. Gotro has confirmed the spinal correction has taken place. During this phase it is important to continue to slow the degeneration to the spinal discs with regular visits and adjustments. Through regular check out we are able to prevent deterioration and maintain your improved function, helping to sustain the corrections that were achieved during phase 3 care. In this phase , we also may introduce a home rehab program for strengthening and maintaining healthy function.

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