5 Surefire Ways to Improve Your Nutrition

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Do you want to feel more energy and vigor?

One way to fight with your lethargy and illness is by improving your nutrition. Proper nutrition is simply giving your body the proper fuel it needs to function correctly. When we give our body the wrong fuel, you will notice it staring to malfunction!

Here are a 5 surefire nutrition tips to make your healthy eating journey easier!

  1. Plan to eat what you enjoy. Plan to pick foods that are good for you that you actually like- ex if you hate eating beets, don’t add them to your diet plan. Here’s a nice list of healthy foods that you can add to your grocery list here . (Source)
  2. Eat a variety of foods. A good rule of thumb is the more colorful, the better. The recommended daily portion sizes are:
    • 5 fist-sized servings of vegetables,
    • 8 oz of lean meat (like fish or chicken),
    • 3 servings of dairy,
    • 6 servings of whole grains.
    • Lots of fruits.
    *Plus limited amounts of other healthy choices such as low-fat dairy, eggs and beans.
  3. Eat as many vegetables as possible. Some people may feel discouraged because they can’t eat all 5 servings of vegetables a day- but 50% of the recommended amount is always better than none at all.
  4. Reduce any extra fat. this includes butter on toast, sour cream on potatoes, and creamy salad dressings. If you can, use non-fat versions of these foods.
  5. Stop drinking sugary beverages and fruit juices. Sweetened beverages may be one of the most fattening aspects of the American diet. (Source) Replace any sodas with water and unsweetened teas.

    To motivate you to stay away from the sodas: Try doing a water-drinking challenge with your co-workers or friends: try to drink 64 oz of water in a day (which is about 8 normal sized glasses of water)

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