What’s in Charlotte’s water? A look at health effects.

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What's really in the Queen City's water? We all want to believe that it is sufficiently filtered, but is it really?

According to Ewg.org, Charlotte and Charlotte’s suburbs water contains 8 chemical contaminants at levels above the EPA’s health guidelines. These include chloroform, bromoform, trichloroacetic acid, and chromium. These chemicals may increase the risk of cancer and can cause even more health problems during pregnancy. Chemicals appear in the water because of runoff from industry or appear during chlorine treatment.

It can be surprising to read these types of reports, and you may want to brush it off. However, it is always a good idea to educate yourself on different ways to get clean and purified water for you and your family, especially in the Charlotte area, where the water quality is not optimal.

About Bottled Water

Bottled water is a commonly used method to get purified water, but did you know that many bottled water companies use unsafe chemicals to create the plastic of the water bottle? As water sits in the bottle, chemicals seep into the water you drink, making it potentially dangerous to your health in the long run.

A better option: Water Purifiers

Water purifiers are becoming more common because of their eco-friendliness (when used with reusable bottles) and superior filtering power (greater water filtration than city septic systems) Water purifiers clean water to an even higher degree than a typical water filter.

Berkey Water Filter

Our recommendation is to use Berkley water purifiers because they remove viruses and pathogens to purification levels.  Owning a Berkey Water purifier gives you the ability to utilize almost any outside natural water source and transform it into the best tasting, purest drinking water possible.

All Berkey systems contain the Black Berkey Filters and meet the Water purifier standard. In fact, Berkey Purifiers far surpass this standard and actually remove 99.9999999% known as a log 9 reduction, when dealing with pathogenic bacteria. This distinction is what makes Berkey the only certifiable gravity flow water purification system.  Order yours today (while supplies last) here.

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